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Dropshipping Service

Please read the following information carefully. To become a dropshipping customer, please follow the instructions at the bottom of this page!

As a dropshipping customer, you can import the products from our shop easily in your shop and offer them to your customers. We will send the items you ordered from us directly to your customers.

Place an order / Order process

  • If you have sold an item, order it as soon as possible in our shop and enter the delivery address of your customer during the ordering process.

  • Your order will be processed within 1 to 3 business days and prepared for shipment.

  • After the order has been processed, we send you a proforma invoice by email containing all details for payment and item availability.

  • We expect the receipt of the payment within the reservation period of 7 days.

  • No later than the next business day after receipt of the payment we will ship the item to your customer.

  • The final invoice and shipping information you will get for each order by email.

What are the costs?

In addition to the item price, we charge:

  • The dropshipping handling fee of 2.90 EUR per order.

  • The cost of packaging and shipping per order according to the Shipping cost overview.

PLEASE NOTE: The fees and charges listed above do not appear during the ordering process in our shop. All applicable fees and costs are listed in the relevant proforma invoice only that will be sent after the order process by email!

Payment methods

In dropshipping orders we accept the following payment methods:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Advance payment of a higher amount (estimated shipping of goods)

NOTE: The payment of an order is only possible after receipt of the proforma invoice (not to be confused with the automatic order confirmation). Immediate payment during the order process is not possible. For bank transfers from abroad, the sender of the payment must add all bank charges to the payment, which can be requested from the respective bank.


The cost of packing and shipping can be found at the Shipping cost overview.

Each shipment is accompanied by a delivery note which contains nothing more than the data of the dropshipping customer and the receiver as well as the item name and quantity. On request, we add your own delivery notes or invoices to the package. Shipping contents no sender address or prices.

You will receive the shipping notification and status messages automatically by DHL via email.

Please note the informations under Shipping!

Minimum order quantities and minimum order values

In Dropshipping orders no minimum order values and no minimum order quantities must be respected. We charge no minimum order charges or minimum order charges!

Dropshipping customers can have their orders delivered also to the own address of course. Therefore, we have to calculate the dropshipping fees. If these orders exceed our minimum order values / minimum order quantities, they will be processed as normal wholesale orders without the dropsshipping fees.

Product import

Of course you can import the items from our shop in to your shop. To this end, we provide our dropshipping customers various CSV files, with which the import is quick and easy.

The CSV files are available for download mostly in German, English and French language and include the products from our categories "BRAND WATCHES" and "BRAND JEWELRY". CSV files for other systems can be programmed on request by sending an exemple file. Download access and more information about the CSV files can be obtained only after subscribtion to our dropshipping service.


  • The company "ILA Uhren GmbH" may not be mentioned in the offers of our dropshipping customers. Product names, EAN codes, item numbers, product descriptions and product pictures from our range may be used.

  • Offering our range is always performed at your own risk and responsibility. For problems that could arise by copying and selling our products, we accept no liability and offer no compensation.

  • The dispatch of goods in non EU Member States is only possible with a surcharge of 4.50 euros.

  • The regulations relating to Tax free intracommunity deliverys must be respected in any case.

  • Solely the warranty regulations of the manufacturers are valid. See: Report a complaint.

We reserve the right to change the terms and regulations of our dropshipping service at any time. If you confirm the above mentioned terms and regulations, write a formless application via our contact form (a customer account in our shop must already be registered). Participation can of course be ended at any time . The refund of charges already paid is not possible.

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All information about our dropshipping service can be found HERE

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